About this website

Leanshapes provides a suite of tools to create your own perfect background for your desired needs, be it mobile, tablet, desktop, blog, website, social media, UX/UI projects, abstract patterns.


This site started as a project to create an interesting invitation for my wedding. I didn't want to get a pre-made template, so I started tinkering with some canvas generations. The final invitation can be seen here. I shortly after forgot about the project. (Wedding, Honeymoon)

Fast forward, a couple of years, I was in need of an abstract background. I remembered that I had this project, so I dusted it up and put it back to work. Being more accustomed to the web deployment I wanted to share with the world my project so everyone can use it. That's how leanshapes got shape.

How to use

In the left panel are a couple of buttons

Use this button to select the desired form.
You can choose from a couple of forms.
The background will be filled by them.

Use this button to select the resolution. The list of resolutions are:
  • 4096px x 2160px
  • 1920px x 1080px
  • 1620px x 2160px
  • 1080px x 2400px

This button contains the colors of the gradient.
Clicking on + will add a new random color.
Clicking on the color will open the color picker.
You can add up to 9 colors.
Keeping 1 color will default the canvas to that color.

This button will change the direction of the gradient.

This button will open the advanced options.

This slider will change the height of the form.

This slider will change the width of the form.

This slider will change the entropy of the gradient.

Enabling this checkbox will cause a smoother color transition.

This button is my favorite. It generates a random combination of all the options above(except resolution).
I have found quite a few interesting backgrounds with the help of this button.

This button will download the canvas in a format of your choice, png or jpg.

This button will share the current background combination.

A showcase of lean shapes

Here is a selection of backgrounds showing what you can do with a couple of simple instructions


About creator

Hi, I'm Mihai Ratoiu. The translation in english resolves to Michael, The Duck. Since there is only one duck (👀 Donald Duck) TheMallard (wild duck) should be hip enough.
I'm a DevOps Engineer, but in my spare time I like to have fun with frontend and backend technologies.
I don't drink coffee 😲 but I don't mind a slice of pizza from time to time. If you find my tool useful please consider supporting me here

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For any requests, suggestions or just to say hello you can contact me at

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